We ask that each accompanying teacher / leader attending camp reads the following information prior to coming on camp so that they have a clear indication of Kokoda Outdoor Education’s ethos, expectations, roles and responsibilities and the aims and objective of the Outdoor Education program we provide.

Kokoda Outdoor Education prides itself on providing our camp participants with an exciting, out of the ordinary, adventure based, learning experience which will challenge each individual as well as the group.  At different stages of camp they will achieve some of the following outcomes plus more:

  • The discovery of realising they can do far more than they normally think they can when stepping outside their comfort zone and encouraging individuals within the group.
  • It will enable students to go away from camp and face new and challenging experiences with a positive attitude.
  • Students learn they CAN work co-operatively with others to solve problems, achieve specific goals and live together.
  • Students can then build on their emotional intelligence and self-awareness

Students will achieve their best results at camp when you, the accompanying teacher and we, the Kokoda Outdoor Education instructors of the program, work together to provide a positive, supportive and caring environment to achieve specific goals and outcomes.


We ask 4 things of each participant:

  • Do everything to the best of their ability
  • Consider other people as much as possible
  • Come with a positive attitude
  • Follow instructions given by Kokoda Outdoor Education staff

We ask that you discuss this with students before Camp, and especially why it is relevant to pre camp information being given out.  Encourage each participant to choose these conditions as their guide to getting the best experience and enjoyment out of their camp. What you get out of it depends on how much effort you put into it.

We are operating in a pioneering setting deliberately without modern conveniences, requiring that the participants take responsibility for themselves.  They will have to put up their own shelters and/or tents, take turns at preparing meals for everyone, collect their own firewood, pack their own backpacks and wash their own dishes. Discussing this beforehand is a good ideas as it will heighten the participants’ awareness and understanding of what is required of them on camp.


We ask that you discuss with the participants the following points prior to the camp.  This will provide a clear guideline of expectations for both participants and instructors.

We seek the cooperation of all participants by:

  • Getting to know the group/individuals when arriving at camp off the bus
  • Clearly expressing Safety, Rules and Regulations, Hygiene and Instructional requirements
  • Letting them know that we appreciate their efforts

Under these circumstances, discipline then becomes a minor.

Discipline is the responsibility of the accompanying teacher of each group, not Kokoda Outdoor Education Instructors. We ask that you notify the Operations Manager prior to camp with any behavioural issues to ensure we can brief the allocated group instructor to ensure the group is facilitated accordingly.

Camp Kokoda  Ph: 07 5463 2203

629 Burnett Ck Rd, Maroon, QLD 4310




Participants requiring prescribed medication must ensure that their medication is clearly labelled with the participant’s name and dosage requirements and handed to the accompanying allocated group teacher before departure. No medication is to be carried by a child unless authorised by a guardian in writing and the accompanying teacher and instructor are advised.

Please ensure that the child has a double supply of medication for the duration of the program.  If the child has an Anaphylaxis reaction then they are required to bring two (2) Epipens.

Kokoda Outdoor Education Instructors are not responsible for administering daily medication to participants, this is the teacher’s responsibility.  Kokoda Outdoor Education staff are responsible for responding to First Aid requirements that arise at camp. We ask that teachers follow instructions and support the Kokoda Outdoor Education instructors through any given first aid situation. Safety:

Safety is achieved by giving the participants responsibility by allowing them to solve their own problems.  When they come to you saying, “It doesn’t work” or “I can’t do this”, we ask that you stop and ask them, “What are you going to do about it?” or “How can you solve the problem”? We ask that you please refrain from stepping in and ‘rescuing’ the students.  When they see that we are consistent, they will take responsibility for themselves and as a group. Setting a positive Tone:

Participants are in a new and highly challenging environment, where they will achieve success and make a few mistakes.  We seek to challenge the participants to learn from every event.  An atmosphere of, “I can do it”, is important.  This grows from our efforts to set a positive, caring and supportive tone.  You will most definitely play a part in helping us to achieve this.

Firstly, we take part with the participants, as equals.  Please be prepared to carry your own backpack, for instance.  This way we can avoid the suggestion of privileges for instructors or teachers.

Secondly, we want to encourage the participants, and to catch them doing the ‘ right thing’.  Taking notice of the often unnoticed good things people do needs concentration, and your participation will make a big difference to the outcome as a teacher.

Thirdly, we intend to eliminate all forms of “put-downs” whether expressed by the participants or by us, the leaders.  Your alertness to this area will help us to improve participants’ experiences significantly.

Having a one on one daily discussion with the Instructor of any observations you have made, will contribute to the group dynamics and the facilitation role the instructor needs to carry out to reach the objectives of camp. The Teacher – Instructor Partnership:

There are a range of areas which we require the Instructor and Teacher to work together to set an example and achieve the best results for the participants attending camp.

The Instructor and Teacher need to work together in the day-to-day running of the program to ensure we provide the best experience possible for the participants.

There are many roles to be shared between us.  Supervising the preparation and cooking of meals, running evening activities, group management and safety during adventure activities and ensuring everyone is experiencing the journey.

We do ask that teachers supervise the students settling in to their tents of an evening and supervision over night knowing that if there is the need for support you can call on the Instructor for assistance (e.g. first aid requirements).

Kokoda Outdoor Education has a policy of no alcohol on Camp as our Foundation as well as insurers view this as negligent.

We will seek to keep you informed on all that is happening on camp so we can plan appropriate action together.  Please let us know if there is anything that we can help you with prior or during camp.  If at anytime you are not comfortable discussing something with the Instructor, please call our Manager on the number listed below.

We suggest that once you arrive on camp you run through the outlined procedures of this document with your allocated group Instructor to ensure you are comfortable with the role you have whilst on camp.

Your participation will help us better meet your needs for the personal growth of all participants.

We look forward to having you on camp and providing a great experience.

Please feel free to call our Operations Manager, Mark Elliott with any queries, concerns or questions you may have prior to camp.