Our History

Camp Kokoda is proudly owned and operated by The Kokoda Youth Foundation. Established in 2004 by Doug Henderson and his wife Anna, The Kokoda Youth Foundation (KYF) supports Australians by inspiring them to do extraordinary things. Through hiking endurance events, youth programs and our outdoor education camps, we challenge deeply held beliefs, allow limits and abilities to be explored, and provide opportunities for growth.

Camp Kokoda was purchased in 2012 as another focus area to contribute to the core values of the Kokoda Youth Foundation – Endurance, Courage, Mateship and Sacrifice. Providing everyday Australians of all ages the opportunity to come to the facility as specialised group or as a school to move away from the digital world we live in, step outside their comfort zone and be challenged with the activities on offer and enjoy the natural bush environment all whilst feeling a sense of community living and togetherness.

Over the years valued volunteers, donors  and staff have improved on the infrastructure of Camp Kokoda, building new camp shelters, drop toilets and administration office.

In 2019 Camp Kokoda had over 2500 students attend camps to enjoy the wilderness experience.