Our Staff

Our staff are enthusiastic and passionate about the importance of Outdoor Education. Our instructors are fully qualified to provide a high quality program with a strong focus on briefing, debriefing and processing the unique learning experience and values that both Camp Kokoda and Kokoda Park provides.

Our Outdoor Education instructors stay with the one group throughout the duration of the camp, enabling the opportunity to develop a special relationship with the group and ensuring the desired outcomes are achieved.

  • Our staff are enthusiastic and passionate about the importance of outdoor education
  • We provide a constructive ratio of participants to facilitators
  • Staff accompany and facilitate the same group throughout the program
  • Facilitators pride themselves on monitoring and strengthening group dynamics and areas of improvement
  • Staff encourage participants to consider their level of challenge and push themselves outside their comfort zones
  • We always have the participant’s best interest at heart
  • Above all, our staff are qualified and safety oriented

Laura Skinner


Laura joined Kokoda Youth Foundation as Camp Kokoda Manager in 2013. Through 16 years’ experience working with young people as an instructor within Outdoor Education, Laura brings a professional approach to the industry. Laura has played an influential role in developing Camp Kokoda to the successful Outdoor education facility that exists today.  The recent extension to the new facility Kokoda Park was driven by Laura’s desire to offer varied programs to her valued clients.

Laura’s varied skill set and ability to lead has had a positive impact with our Outdoor Education team and has allowed Laura to successfully oversee both administration and operations. During her time with the Kokoda Youth Foundation Laura has totally immersed herself and become a mentor on the Kokoda Youth Foundation values; Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice. In 2016 Laura volunteered as a leader in the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP) and completed the Kokoda Track in PNG.

The team of passionate facilitators assist Laura to achieve in providing young people a unique experience that has a positive impact and life long memories. Juggling the demands of a professional career Laura enjoys nothing more than spending time with her young family and can be found in her free time horse riding in and around the Scenic Rim Area or out camping herself.

Bec Hudson


Bec joined the Camp Kokoda team in 2018. She loves meeting the groups that come to camp and is more than willing to accommodate client requirements pre and post camp programs. Bec has lived in the area for most of her life, so she has lots of local knowledge. In Bec’s free time she loves exploring, playing with her dogs and catching up with mates. You will find Bec behind the desk at the camp reception, feel free to pop in and say hi or ask for assistance or a coffee.

Jakeb Heidke


Jakeb has been with us from the beginning of his career within the industry and we have enjoyed watching him grow in to the well rounded facilitator he is today. Jakeb is also our safety officer for Camp Kokoda ensuring safety practices are being met and followed.

Tony Lee


Tony has been with Kokoda Youth Foundation and our expansion into Outdoor Education from the very beginning. He has been in the Outdoor industry for over 25 years. Tony brings an enormous amount of experience and expertise within the industry and in particular to his staff team as well as our clients.

Rico Croon


Rico has been with us for the last two years. His enthusiasm is contagious and his group is always in high spirits. His background ensures that he is prepared for everything and he encourages all participants to give their very best effort.

Milly Pedrana


Milly is a great facilitator who wears her heart on her sleeve. Be assured Milly will always have a smile on her face and look after your teachers and students.